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  • Rabina Litter Picker
    Article: Jun 25, 2021
    By Simon Lepori

    Rabina Asghar, a local front line NHS worker and Lib Dem campaigner along with Local volunteers have been coming together for the last few weeks working as a team to keep Spotland & Falinge tidy.

    A group of volunteers of all ages have been working tremendously in clearing and tidying up our local area. It was an amazing sight to see how passionate the whole team was especially our young generation volunteering to keep their neighbourhoods clean. All those taking part in the clear up, really enjoyed themselves and felt proud of playing a constructive part for their community.

    Local NHS frontline worker & Lib Dem campaigner for Spotland & Falinge Rabina Asghar said that 'when I was out visiting local residents throughout the last few months litter and fly tipping was one of many concerns raised. "I went out of my way on my days off from work and organised for some litter pickers, gloves, bags and high vis jackets to begin cleaning up our area as I wanted to make a move myself first and then when others see they will want to join in too". Rabina Asghar went on to say that, "although our waste collectors come around every three weeks, I believe its important for every individual to also play their part too in ensuring they are keeping their areas clean and if they notice any fly-tipping to report it to the local authorities". "If we are going to continue to fight Covid19 we must ensure that cleanliness is our number one priority"

    The great tidy up has been done on a few separate occasions now and we will continue with this collectively as a whole group in ensuring our streets are kept clean. Local campaigner for the Spotland & Falinge ward Rabina Asghar said "It is so good that volunteers are Involved too and I would like to say a big thank you to all the local residents who volunteered alongside me and gave their valuable time on the weekends to go out and clean our streets". Rabina Asghar went to further say that "when we was out litter picking, I have had local residents stopping me and raising their concerns around litter and flytipping". The main issue raised was bin collection, and that they would like to see weekly bin collections as currently it is every three weeks and because of that they feel people are resorting to fly tipping. I reassured them that I would be raising this issue and taking it further. "Being on the frontline through this pandemic has been tough but it's also been very rewarding but alongside that I also felt that in my spare time I could still do more and this is where this initiative started from and I will continue with this and every clean up we seem to be getting more and more volunteers".

  • Article: May 25, 2021
    By Liberal Democrats

    Today marks one year since George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was brutally murdered by a police officer on the streets of Minneapolis.

    George's murder - and the wave of protests it sparked - forced us all to confront the racial injustice that Black people face every day.

    George's murder - and the wave of protests it sparked - forced us all to confront the racial injustice that Black people face every day.

  • Article: May 24, 2021
    By Liberal Democrats

    No amount of tough talk and bluster from the Home Secretary can hide the fact that she has utterly failed to get a grip on the UK's broken immigration system.

    Priti Patel has been talking tough about immigration for ages, while failing miserably to make the system fairer or more effective.

    Years of Home Office failure, coupled with hostile policies and rhetoric from successive Conservative Home Secretaries, have shattered public confidence.

  • Article: May 21, 2021
    By Layla Moran

    Sixty six children have died since the outbreak of violence last week.

    We cannot afford yet another return to a status quo which will only lead to more innocent deaths in the future.

    Every death was completely preventable.

    And while a ceasefire is welcome, we cannot return to a status quo.

    We need to take meaningful action now to prevent innocent deaths in the future.

  • Article: May 19, 2021
    By Liberal Democrats

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