News and views from the Liberal Democrats across the Rochdale Borough

Our local teams are working all year round to help and support residents across Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood, and here are just some of the things we are working on with you.

  • Article: Aug 12, 2022

    Serving on a committee is one of many great ways you can support the Party, and we are always keen to encourage new talent. The Party website has lots of information in the internal-elections hub.

    We have upcoming Federal elections for:

  • Article: Aug 12, 2022

    With our Brighton conference approaching (agenda and registration here), I've recently written the latest report back to conference on the Board's work. Here is a slightly expanded and updated version of that report.

    The next general election

    With a new Conservative Party leader nearly upon us, the range of plausible dates for the general election is wide open. As it now may well be much sooner than seemed likely at the time of our last conference, the Federal Board has been reviewing our general election plans.

  • Coffee
    Event: Aug 24, 2022 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    144 Drake St, Rochdale OL16 1PS

    Join us at our HQ on the 4th Wednesday of each month (excl Dec & Apr) for coffee and chat (tea available!).

  • Article: Aug 9, 2022
    By Liberal Democrats

    We need bold and urgent action to help families pay their bills and heat their homes this winter. There is no other choice.

    Families and pensioners across the country are in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis. We have already seen energy bills rise by £700 this year. They simply cannot afford another, even bigger rise of £1,400 in October.

  • Dentist
    Article: Aug 8, 2022

    Our NHS dental system is in tatters, with most surgeries closed to new patients and appointments near impossible to get.

    This Conservative Government is forcing people into costly private care and unsafe DIY dentistry that can leave your teeth in worse condition.

    Put simply, it can't go on.

    A survey today shows that 91% of dental practices in England are not currently open to new patients, with that tally rising to 98% here in the North West. (BBC report here).

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