Top Up Fees reality hits home!

March 25, 2005 2:40 PM

Leader of Rochdale Council has slammed the Labour Government after our local universities admitted they would be charging the maximum fees possible for University Students.

From September - Manchester, Salford and Bolton Universities will charge £3,000 per year. An astonishing 90% of Universities in England are charging the maximum amount. Cllr. Paul Rowen said, "When we campaigned against top up fees this is exactly what we knew would happen. I think many young people in Rochdale may be put off by the realisation that they have to spend a small fortune to get an education that the Labour MP's who voted for it got for free."

Cllr. Paul Rowen has promised to continue his campaign to get tuition fees scrapped. He said, "Hundreds of potential students are worried by the effect of these much increased charges - the Liberal Democrats are the only party to publicly state that they will scrap tuition fees, just as we have done in Scotland."