Local Euro MP backs fair trade in Rochdale!

April 5, 2005 11:53 AM

Leading Liberal Democrat Campaigner and one of Rochdale's European Members of Parliament of the for Fair Trade in Europe Sajjad Karim MEP visited ASDA in Rochdale on Saturday to congratulate them on their contribution to helping Rochdale in their fight for Fair Trade. Saj was joined by Leader of Rochdale Council - Cllr. Paul Rowen and Manager of ADSA - Colin Heslop.

Rochdale is working towards becoming a Fair Trade Town and it is hoped that they can gain that status as soon as possible. Saj Karim said, "I was delighted to see that ASDA is taking their responsiblities towards Fair Trade seriously. The Manager - Colin Heslop illustrated a clear committment to the cause and showed us dozens of Fair Trade products. I have campaigned vigourously in the European Parliament for Fair Trade and I now encouraging Rochdale to make the final step towards becoming a Fair Trade Town."

Rochdale Council passed a resolution three years ago aiming to become a Fair Trade Town. Leader of Rochdale Council Paul Rowen said, "It is vital that Rochdale becomes a Fair Trade Town, I am delighted that one of Rochdale's MEP's Saj Karim came to support our efforts and we will be pushing to finalise our application to achieve our aims."