Lib Dems vow to take control of Rochdale!

May 24, 2005 1:47 PM

New Leader of the Opposition on Rochdale Council Cllr. Alan Taylor has responded to Labour and the Tories joining forces by vowing to lead the party into control of Rochdale Council.

Councillor Angela Coric

Councillor Angela Coric

Cllr. Alan Taylor said, "This is an amazing decision and I think the people of Rochdale will be amazed that Labour and the Tories have joined forces to keep us out. This is the only place in the country that this relationship exists - I wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall when Labour try and explain this one to their Central Office. THE MARCH OF THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS IN ROCHDALE WILL CONTINUE. We're the biggest group, now once again we have a Member of Parliament in Rochdale. Labour Councillors have sent a message that if you vote Labour you get Conservative and vice-versa! "

Labour are split on this and Councillor Angela Coric said, "Labour and Tories have made a huge mistake - The people of Rochdale voted for us to be the biggest group on the Council and the other 2 parties have made a mockery of this. The reason for this is greed - Labour members were that desperate to keep their salaries for Cabinet positions they have joined forces with the Conservatives. This decision is a travesty for the people of Rochdale."

Paul Rowen MP said, "I am absolutely astonished by this, can anyone trust Labour and the Conservatives again! They have created two party politics in the Borough and we intend to make sweeping gains here in the next local elections in May"