Disgraceful Council Proposal must not go ahead!

August 17, 2005 6:39 PM
Speaking up for Rochdale - Paul Rowen MP.

Speaking up for Rochdale - Paul Rowen MP.

Rochdale's Lib Dem MP - Paul Rowen has slammed a Government review on local taxation that is looking at pensioners deferring their council tax payments until they die. The plan is being looked at in a government-commissioned review of local taxation in England. The idea is that those who own a home could defer payment until after they die and their home is sold.

Paul Rowen MP said, "The Lib Dems will fight any proposal of this kind - could you imagine the grief that this will cause. Children's inheritance will be severely affected under any proposal of this kind and it is simply unacceptable. This is simply the wrong way to go about the problems of the poverty caused by rising Council Tax Bills. This Government are simply losing the plot if they think this is the answer. I know that many Pensioners in the Rochdale Constituency will be concerned about this - I will move heaven and earth to make sure this doesn't happen"

The proposal has been slammed by MP's from all parties and Paul said, "It is entirely correct that this Labour Government should look at reducing this burden but this "death tax" is fundamentally wrong. I will be certainly making my feelings clear in the next session of Parliament. The answer is scrapping this unfair system and replacing it with an ability to pay."