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Rochdale Liberal Democrats

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Rochdale Lib Dem Delegate gets huge Conference reception!

September 22, 2005 5:04 PM
The new intake of MP's - including Rochdale's Paul Rowen MP

The new intake of MP's - including Rochdale's Paul Rowen MP

A Rochdale delegate received one of the biggest cheers this week at the Liberal Democrat in Blackpool. Bamford Councillor - William Hobhouse thanked the party for receiving both him and his wife, Norden Councillor - Wera Hobhouse. William and Wera left the Conservatives and joined the Lib Dems last year.

William successfully spoke on a Rochdale amendment about NHS Dentists. William said, "I hugely enjoyed my first Conference as a Liberal Democrat - it was an interesting experience and it really hit home that I made the right decision to join the Lib Dems. The Party really care about a variety of issues."

Cllr. Hobhouse summated an amendment to the Lib Dem Policy on NHS Dentists - he said, "This is a huge issue in Rochdale - under successive Conservative and Labour Governments we have been let down. The results of Paul Rowen's Dental Survey were shocking, it is apparent that Dentists in Rochdale feel undermined by Labour."

Meanwhile another Rochdale Delegate - Mohammed Shafiq caused controversy by calling for the head of the Chairman of the Race Equality Council - Trevor Phillips. Mohammed, a Milkstone and Deeplish Resident said, "I'm afraid that he does nothing to promote good relations in Rochdale - he really should look at resigning. His comments about Britain "sleepwalking into segregation" were simply unacceptable! He is more interested in being a personality than doing what he should do and promote community cohesion."

Rochdale's MP - Paul Rowen, had a busy Conference - moving the NHS Dentistry Amendment and also speaking at various events - including a North-West Transport Fringe - where he called for motorists to be taxed to encourage them to switch to trains, buses and trams.

Paul said, "This was a great Conference - obviously it was slightly different as an MP - it was great to see a huge contingent from Rochdale. William and Wera Hobhouse were particularly popular with delegates and our new Leader - Cllr. Alan Taylor made a lot of positive contacts. I was proud that Rochdale played a huge part in the Conference - it is only right that that we do so in a Borough with such a proud Liberal Tradition!"