October 7, 2005 10:23 PM
Chris Davies MEP - has joined forces against drink drivers with Paul Rowen MP

Chris Davies MEP - has joined forces against drink drivers with Paul Rowen MP

Two Rochdale Parliamentarians have joined forces to call on the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police to keep up the pressure on drink drivers. Liberal Democrats - Paul Rowen MP and Rochdale Euro MP - Chris Davies are calling for an increase after new figures showed a significant reduction in breath tests in Greater Manchester.

New Liberal Democrat research has revealed a drop in the number of breath tests carried out by the force since Labour came to power. The number of tests carried out from 1997 - 2003 fell by over 40% in the area. Paul Rowen said, "This is the wrong message to send out - we should leave people under no illusion that if they drink and drive they will be caught! I am concerned that many people will take a gamble that they won't be caught - even though they are endangering lives."

In a letter to Michael Todd, chief constable of Greater Manchester, Rochdale MEP Chris Davies said: "I understand police resources are stretched, but the decrease in breath testing risks sending out the message that reducing drink driving is no longer being treated as a priority."

Department of Transport figures show that while the number of people killed on Britain's roads has fallen, the number of deaths in accidents involving drink driving has risen! Mr Davies said: "The battle against drink driving is far from being won, and this is not the time for to ease up the pressure. Progress in reducing road deaths has been made, but an effective deterrent is needed to discourage drink drivers from the roads... Cars are killing machines in the wrong hands!"