Local Campaigner calls for disgraceful Planning Application to be refused!

October 8, 2005 1:02 AM
Peter Rush - Looking after the interests of Heywood!

Peter Rush - Looking after the interests of Heywood!

Local Heywood Campaigner Peter Rush has responded with fury after a developer increased their plans, and submitted an application to build an astonishing 78 apartments and 25 Town Houses at the site of Bamford Squash Club in Heywood.

Peter, former owner of the Albany Hotel in Heywood described the application by Penepa Ltd as "... disgraceful and total opportunism". The original application was to build 57 apartments and 28 Town Houses on the site - currently home to the local branch of the Air Training Corps. The new application shows a reduction in the amount of Town Houses but has an astonishing 21 new apartments added to the plans.

Peter Rush said, "I couldn't believe it when I saw the revised plans - I honestly thought they would take into account the concerns of local residents. No such luck! - they have completely ignored the local community and I am determined that they will regret that. The reason for this new, increased application is that the Heywood Township agreed to sell extra land to the developers. All at a premium of course - your Labour Councillors knew that they would raise more money for the land by selling it to Penepa Ltd. I am ashamed of them - it's not as if the Council can guarantee that this extra money will go directly into Heywood... They should be asking the Council to use this money to relocate the ATC in Heywood - but of course that won't happen, it'll end up in Rochdale as usual!"

Peter has met with furious local residents who have asked Peter to act on their behalf on a number of occasions and has now delivered a petition to local people. Peter concluded, "I am not against development of the area - I have suggested a "green corridor" between the development - this is basically trees and shrubs to protect residents on Clitheroe Close and other local residents and that any development be similar to local houses. I am concerned however that we actively seek accommodation locally for the ATC, Heywood has lost too many things for our young people to do!"