Is this the disgraceful way they treat our heritage?

October 8, 2005 1:08 AM

North Middleton Campaigner Neil Lever has called for Rochdale Borough Council to "get its act together" after discovering a number of plaques commemorating our history in an overgrown state.

Neil said, It's a disgrace the way that these plaques have been forgotten by Rochdale Borough Council. One of the them is dedicated to one of Middleton's favourite sons - Samuel Bamford and the other shows where he gathered to lead a procession to St Peter's field in Manchester on a peaceful demonstration. This led into the "Peterloo Massacre". People should be aware of these events and the way the Rochdale obsessed Council has ignored these is an absolute disgrace." How much would it cost Middleton Councillors to clean up these two signs, or are the members of the Middleton Township Committee not interested in the history of their own town!

Neil said, "I have brought it to the attention of Rochdale Council reminding them that we do have some heritage in Middleton and they should at least take an interest in this by maintaining them!" Meanwhile, another 2 have been added to the neglect of Middleton - the pathway at the bottom of Don Street (Middleton Pride - see picture right) and the "24 steps" made famous by LS Lowry. Neil concluded, "The Labour Councillors should hang their heads in shame!"