Lib Dem Transport welcomes action on Metrolink fare dodgers!

October 25, 2005 1:32 PM
Metrolink - Campaigning against the fare dodgers!

Metrolink - Campaigning against the fare dodgers!

Rochdale MP - Paul Rowen, the Lib Dem Shadow Transport Spokesperson has given his cautious backing to the fight against Metrolink Fare Dodgers. The GMPTE have recently announced that they will step up the fight to avert people not paying to use the Metrolink.

Paul has called for urgent action to send a clear message to the Government that we are getting value for money for the current Metrolink System and deserve to see it extended to Rochdale, Oldham, South Manchester and elsewhere.

Paul said, "It's about time action was taken against those who flout the law. Fare Dodgers may feel they are making an easy saving but they need to be aware of the consequences that not paying causes. The GMPTE claim that approximately £1.3 million is lost every year - money that is needed desperately to reinvest in the current system. This is the tip of the iceberg, I expect the figure is much, much higher. I have written to Serco, who are responsible for checking for tickets - asking how many people were fined in the last year? - and how many inspectors they have? I am of course delighted with the recent announcement - but it needs to backed up by firm enforcement - or else what is the point?"

Paul continued, "On the occasions that I have used the Metrolink I have never been checked for a ticket and my assistant who has used the Metrolink twice a day for over a year has been checked twice in that time. That can't be right - how can we convince the Government that it is worthwhile extending the Metrolink to Rochdale, Oldham, South Manchester and elsewhere if the current limited system loses so much unnecessary money!"