Rowen raises consultation controversy in Parliament!

February 21, 2006 2:45 PM

The fall out from The Pennine Acute Trust's Public Relations Disaster continued yesterday - as Rochdale's MP Paul Rowen asked Health Minister Liam Byrne MP about the infamous Press Release sent by local Health Bosses. Liam Byrne admitted that some of the comments were "not appropriate." In a debate in the Houses of Parliament - the Labour Health Minister put on record his thanks to residents of Rochdale for signing the various petitions against some of Rochdale's most vital services being cut at the Infirmary.

Paul Rowen asked the minister if he thought that in the light of Best for Health Team's statement that "petitions were not worth the paper they were written on" - did he think that this was the right response for a listening health service?

Paul Rowen MP said, "I am glad that the Government have recognised the huge mistake made by Celia Gaze. I hope that the Health Service across the country learn lessons from this debacle. I would encourage people to continue to contribute to the consultation by using official forms or by continuing to use the various petitions available. This whole episode leaves a bad impression of the attitude of senior health bosses but it is only right to move on."

Paul is encouraging as many people as possible to use the official consultation forms and is pleased to announce that he will be making his office available if anyone would like advice or help making their feelings clear. Paul Rowen MP said, "The official forms are important but are deeply confusing, they are though as vital as the petitions. If anyone would like advice or help on filling them in they are more than welcome at the Liberal Democrat Office - 144, Drake Street, Rochdale. There will be forms available and trained staff to answer questions that any residents may have. I appreciate that people are daunted by official forms - and I am glad as the MP for Rochdale to be able to offer this service."

Paul concluded, "I will be producing a small guide for my Constituents outlining some of the major concerns with the proposals, if you would like a copy please contact the office. I will also be writing to each and every voluntary organisation in my Constituency asking them to sign up to the campaign.

The office is located at 144, Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1PS (Opposite Halfords) and will be open from 9am-5pm Monday - Friday.