Peter Rush says, "Save our Vital Services!"

February 21, 2006 2:48 PM

Local Heywood North Campaigner Peter Rush has joined thousands of Heywood Residents in the fight to save vital services at FAIRFIELD Hospital. We could lose some of its acute services as well as its special care baby unit as part of a health review.

Peter Rush is launching a campaign across Heywood - to get as many residents as possible to sign up to a non-party political hospital petition.

Meanwhile, Peter acted with fury after one of our Health Consultation Bosses announced publicly that, "Petitions weren't worth the paper they were written on." It was only after pressure from the Liberal Democrats that she changed her mind and agreed to receive them.

Peter Rush said, "This is a huge issue for the residents of North Heywood and I would encourage as many people as possible to get involved in this vital consultation.

Local residents have also been up in arms about Labour Councillors voting against a Lib Dem proposal to save our local hospital.

Peter said, "I couldn't believe my ears when the Labour Council tried to block moves to save our services. Instead of standing up for our area they are playing games with our future health. This is too important for Party Politics. The Labour Party should listen to the public."

Mayor Elect and North Heywood Councillor Jean Hornby is under fire for attacking the Liberal Democrats for fighting to Save our Hospital during the meeting. She was widely lambasted for her controversial comments - Rochdale Councillor David Clayton said he was "shocked and disappointed" by her comments.

Peter Rush said, "Local councillors should represent local people. I want to know why she won't stand up for our area. Why should we have confidence in a Councillor who won't vote for saving our local hospital?"