Rochdale set to ban over the counter fireworks?

February 21, 2006 2:57 PM

Rochdale Council will meet tonight and look at the possibility of being the first authority in the country to ban the over the counter sale of fireworks. The Full Meeting of the 60 Rochdale Councillors will call for Council Officers to look into hosting a pilot scheme for a "comprehensive ban on the over-the-counter sales of fireworks"

Liberal Democrat Leader - Councillor Alan Taylor said, "Of course we do not want to be killjoys - the fact remains that fireworks are an anti-social menace. Turning Rochdale into an area more reminiscent of a war zone for weeks on end is clearly unacceptable. The distress that fireworks cause to the residents and pets of the Borough of Rochdale is one that I would like to see end. Rather than wait till the end of October when the nuisance of fireworks reaches fever pitch - we need to act now. I hope that this Notice of Motion will start the process that will lead to a new pilot scheme that bans over the counter sale of fireworks."

Councillor Taylor continued, "Heywood and Middleton MP - Jim Dobbin was recently joined by Cllr. Paul Rowen MP in supporting the ban and I applaud them both. The Rochdale and Pennine's Townships have already done so and we hope that the whole of Rochdale, irrespective of political party accepts that the misuse of fireworks cannot continue. The Fireworks Act doesn't offer enough protection and I hope that we can go further and declare Rochdale, once and for all free of the misuse of fireworks!"

The Council are due to debate the issue at Rochdale Town Hall at 6.30pm.