Council Phone System a shambles says Cllr. David Clayton!

March 9, 2006 12:36 AM

Kingsway Liberal Democrat Councillor David Clayton has described the Council Phone System as a "complete and utter shambles." The phone system was unable to receive incoming calls yet again on Friday Morning.

Councillor Clayton pressed the Councillor in charge 2 weeks ago - Alan Godson. (Corporate Affairs) Councillor Godson assured Councillors that the problems of 2 weeks ago were a one off and publicly apologised. Councillor Clayton tried to ring several Council Departments only to receive the engaged tone.

David said, "What a complete and utter shambles - this is a public service that they are meant to be running and for this to happen again is disgraceful for a public service like the Council. Some of the most vulnerable members of our Borough will be calling in with urgent problems and this is a scandal. To happen once is forgivable, even though it was down for a number of days. This is clearly not - rather than leave a message explaining the problem - all we're receiving is an engaged tone."

Councillor Clayton said, "In a week when the Council decided to substantially increase the Council Tax, increase Council Rents and cuts services this will be seen as a kick in the teeth for local residents. I was desperately trying to contact Council Officers about a number of complaints and the continual failure of the telephone system at the Council is affecting my ability to do my job properly."