Last ditch attempt to save jobs at Federal Mogul!

March 9, 2006 12:37 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen has met Shop Stewards and Management in a last ditch attempt to save 160 jobs at Federal Mogul. Paul, having spoken to one of the Department of Trade and Industry Ministers involved has been given an assurance that Federal Mogul could qualify for grants to relocate in Rochdale and support for 3 years with any capital costs. Paul said, "The North West Regional Development Agency who administer the scheme have offered to meet the company to discuss this and the Rochdale Development Agency have offered support in finding alternative premises in Rochdale."

Paul Rowen MP continued, "However, having met the company I don't hold out much hope - after my meeting with the Management they said they were going back to meet Staff and the Unions. I'm told the problem is a global one where the company has 8 sites manufacturing the same product, there is simply too much spare capacity and because the Spodden Valley site has already been sold it's one of the easiest to shut."

Paul said, "The priority now must be the staff - I have offered to ensure that they are given as much help and support as possible to find alternative employment. I have also requested that the company assist in that process. Given that over the next 8 months the workforce in Rochdale are effectively doing themselves out of a job by training their compatriots in South Africa, where company is being relocated. This is a sad end to what has been a very proud manufacturing tradition in Rochdale. I'll continue to work and support the workforce in any way I can."