Rochdale Bus Station Uncertainty!

March 9, 2006 12:52 AM

Rochdale Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader - Councillor Shah Wazir has slammed the GMPTA after it emerged that there will NO MONEY in the Capital Programme for a new Bus Station in Rochdale in 2006/2007. Councillor Wazir, the Rochdale Lib Dem GMPTA Spokesperson attended a Policy Meeting of the Authority at Manchester Town Hall today. (3rd March)

Councillor Wazir said after the meeting, "I was shocked and dismayed that absolutely no mention was made about Rochdale Bus Station. I have been led to believe on a number of occasions from the Labour Leader of Rochdale Council that we will have a committment to build our desperately needed new Bus Station this year. What is going on? I asked at the meeting whether the new Bus Station would be including in plans for the next financial year. I was told that they were not sure, I think Rochdale deserves better and we need a genuine committment to Public Transport in Rochdale. I hope that the GMPTA can start telling us what is happening, I hope they are not following the Government's example over Metrolink."

Meanwhile - Councillor Shah Wazir has accused The Labour Leader of Rochdale Council - Councillor Allen Brett of "having all his priorities wrong" - after Councillor Brett admitted to the meeting that the "one ambition he's got before he retires is to improve Victoria Station."

Councillor Shah Wazir said, "I was hugely surprised, I know that Councillor Brett is retiring soon - but I always thought he was committed to Rochdale first and foremost. I would like to think that the delivery a new, state of the art Bus Station and of course the Metrolink would be higher on his list of priorities! - he has got all his priorities"