Lib Dem Health Spokesperson joins local Rochdale campaign!

March 9, 2006 12:58 AM

Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Health - Steve Webb MP celebrated keeping his high-profile position in a Lib Dem re-shuffle by announcing a visit to Rochdale as a guest of local MP - Paul Rowen. Steve's first job when his position was confirmed by new Lib Dem Leader Sir Menzies Campbell MP, was to pledge to join the fight to save vital services at Rochdale Infirmary and to continue his battle to improve NHS Dentistry.

Speaking just after his appointment - Steve said, "I am acutely aware of problems throughout the country in the NHS. Rochdale is a prime example, we hear regularly of a record amount going into the NHS by a Labour Government... but where is it? The reality is that Maternity, Child-care and urgent emergency treatment is threatened in Rochdale and that is completely wrong. I am coming to Rochdale to see the reality, of course I'm delighted to have been re-appointed as Lib Dem Health Spokesperson and the visit to Rochdale will enable me to join Paul Rowen MP in putting Rochdale's case forward."

Paul Rowen MP said, "Since getting elected in 2001 - Steve has been challenging the NHS on many issues. I am delighted that he has been able to accept my invite to come to Rochdale. Since being elected myself last year, I have appreciated the keen advise Steve has given me when Leading our Health team. Health is a huge issue in Rochdale - we have of course the Rochdale Infirmary Issue, the comprehensive failure of the Government to deliver Phase 2 of Rochdale Infirmary and the abject misery caused by Labour over NHS Dentistry in Rochdale."

Steve will be coming to Rochdale on Friday, 10th March at 3pm - he will be meeting The Friends of Hospital, local campaigners and meeting local dentists, including Dr Tony Jacobs, Vice- Chair of Bury and Rochdale Local Dental Committee and Chairman of the Oral Health Advisory Group in Rochdale.