Rowen keeps Transport Role in Lib Dem Reshuffle!

March 20, 2006 9:37 PM

Rochdale MP - Paul Rowen has kept his Transport Spokesperson's role in a reshuffle of Lib Dem MP's. Paul was reappointed Transport Spokesperson by new Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Menzies Campbell MP. Paul has accepted a more senior role in the new Lib Dem Transport Team and will be continuing his crusade to improve Public Transport in Greater Manchester.

Since becoming a Lib Dem Transport Spokesperson - Paul has questioned high profile figures like Secretary of State for Transport - Alastair Darling MP and Prime Minister - Tony Blair on over 40 occasions. Paul has also been highly critical of the failure of the Government to keep their promises on the extension of the Metrolink. He has also pressed the Government on congestion charging, bus travel, the state of the Rochdale / Oldham Loopline and much more.

Paul said, "I am delighted to have been awarded a more senior role within the Lib Dem Transport Team. Obviously, I will be using my position to make sure that the serious questions on Public Transport continue to be put to the Government. I will continue to press senior figures in the Government and hope that we can get clear answers on items like the future of the Metrolink in Rochdale and the other transport problems that we have. This is a vital time for transport in our area and I am delighted to be on the forefront of the campaign for Metrolink, not just in Rochdale but of course in London. I will of course continue to pepper Transport Ministers with important questions and will not tolerate it if I do not receive adequate answers. I would hope that my continued pressure on the Government over the Metrolink will lead to an imminent announcement, we can't really afford to wait any longer."