Party President launches Rochdale Borough Liberal Democrat Manifesto!

April 12, 2006 10:30 PM

National President of the Liberal Democrats - Simon Hughes MP has taken time out to officially launch Rochdale Borough Liberal Democrat's ambitious plan to take control of Rochdale Council. Simon came to the Drake Street Campaign HQ to meet Party Workers and then officially launch their Local Election Campaign at Roeacre Court in Heywood.

Simon said, "As Party President I was delighted to visit Rochdale yet again. The amount of work they are doing is phenomenal. I know they are successfully building on the momentum of Paul Rowen MP's General Election Campaign and I am extremely hopeful of another great story for the Liberal Democrats here on May 4th. They have a great mix of candidates, that quite rightly reflects the multi-cultural society in the Rochdale Borough. Since the General Election, Rochdale has been a talking point across politics. Many Labour and Conservative MP's in Westminster have concerns about the coalition here - they say one thing in Westminster but here in Rochdale do another."

Simon continued, "The manifesto will bring a fresh start to Rochdale. I was especially impressed with the plans to devolve more power down to the different communities in Rochdale. This is exactly what my Local Council in North Southwark and Bermondsey did - it has made a big difference. This is a brave decision by the Lib Dems in the Rochdale Borough as they may not control all of them (Townships) but stick to their convictions and give more power to the people who matter locally. This really is a Liberal Manifesto for a Traditionally Liberal Borough."

The Liberal Democrat Party President then went to Roeacre Court in Heywood, alongside the Borough's Liberal Democrat Leader - Councillor Alan Taylor. He met a number of Heywood Pensioners, where he gave a brief speech talking about issues affecting pensioners including Council Tax, Crime and Disorder and Personal Care Charges for the elderly. Local Election Candidates - Peter Rush (Heywood North) and Doreen Brophy-Lee (Heywood West) joined in the debate.

Peter said, "I am delighted that the Lib Dem Borough Party chose Heywood to launch our Manifesto. Councillor Alan Taylor has definitely signed up to our campaign for more local decision-making in Heywood, Middleton, The Pennines and of course Rochdale. The residents in Roeacre Court were delighted that such a senior figure in the party came to see them. When he was in Rochdale just after Christmas he joined the campaign to save services at Rochdale Infirmary. He made me a promise that day and said he would come to Heywood to join the campaign to save equally important services at Fairfield Hospital. He is a man of his word!"