Mark Birkett - Kingsway Ward

April 21, 2006 1:13 AM

The Liberal Democrat's selected local Kingsway resident Mark Birkett for the 4 May elections.

Mark has lived in Kingsway since 1985 and in Rochdale since 1975, which means that he knows all the issues that affect local people. He has also proved himself as a very tough campaigner on local issues during his time as chairman of a local community group.

Mark worked in the airline business for many years as well as being the joint MD of a web development company in Rochdale. He is currently studying for a commercial flying licence since completing his private-pilot licence in late 2005.

"Dear Fellow Resident,

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the coming weeks to explain why I'm asking for your support.

Firstly, like millions of people in 1997, I enthusiastically voted Labour. However, when I look around my town now, I am utterly ashamed of what Labour has allowed to happen here:

Metrolink? Cut

Police numbers? Cut

Health care? Cut

Litter, graffiti & vandalism? Everywhere

Investment in our town centre? None

Secondly, however, I am also very proud of our town despite all its problems and I don't believe in spending time blaming others if I don't get off my proverbial and do something myself. Lastly, unlike Labour, I believe a councillor's loyalty is to the electors first, party politics second.

So, whether you have voted Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative in the past, if you want a real voice for the people rather than more Labour sell-outs, then please vote for me on 4 May."

Best wishes, Mark Birkett,

Liberal Democrat & Kingsway Resident