Councillor Angela Coric - Milkstone and Deeplish Ward

April 21, 2006 1:15 AM

I am proud to say that I have lived in Milkstone and Deeplish all my life and so I experience the same problems that the people in my ward go through every day. That is why I am best placed of all the candidates in this election.

Milkstone and Deeplish is a fantastic place to represent, people of all cultures living and working together in harmony. It has been a privilege to represent and serve the whole community. In addition, as Mayor in 2004/05, I was also proud and privileged to represent the Borough as a whole. My year reinforced the view that Rochdale Borough and its people are simply the best - we have a wealth of talent in our young people and the good community and charitable works that are carried out by young and old alike are second to none.

I admit that there are still many challenges ahead and intend to meet them with my colleagues, Councillors Mohammad Sharif and Paul Rowen MP. We have worked hard with the local Police against drug taking and selling, alcohol abuse and prostitution on our streets. If elected, I will continue our concerted campaign. Unfortunately, the local Police admit they are stretched to breaking point and it's set to get worse with more police being taken off our streets.

Despite protests, the Labour Government have refused to make up the massive 14 million pound police shortfall. The Home Office seems quite prepared to meet an estimated £4million cost of the five day Labour Party Conference down the road in September, yet refuse Chief Constable, Michael Todd's plea for more cash over a full year. I leave you to judge where the priorities appear to be!

This Election is between myself and Labour - the Conservatives cannot win here. However, a vote for them is a vote for Labour. Next month the Liberal Democrats have a unique opportunity to take control of the Council. A vote for Angela Coric is a positive vote for a record of action and a promise of more!

I attach a few highlights of some of my achievements and hope that the good people of Milkstone and Deeplish continue their faith in me. Thank You!


Trained and qualified as a Teacher

Worked in the Health Services sector since 1979

Have lived in the same house since birth (with my late Father and my now 90 year old Mum whom I also care for)

Bilingual with an understanding of other languages

When I do get time my interests include reading, tapestry work and current affairs

Radio 4 fan

A member of the Rochdale Woman of the Year Committee since 1996 and Chair of the Committee since 2001

Political CV

Elected to Council 1992 (originally representing Brimrod & Deeplish and since 2004 the newly formed Milkstone and Deeplish)

Mayor of Rochdale 2004/05

Have served on former Social Services, Housing & Education Committees

Member of Rochdale Township Planning Sub Committee (up to 2004)

Also served on Rochdale Township Grants Sub Committee (Vice Chair up to 2003)

Former Vice Chair of Rochdale Township under both Labour and Liberal Democrat Chairs

Former Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Social Services

Currently Chair of Rochdale Township

LEA Governor at Deeplish CP School since 1992

Former Governor at Queensway CP School (1992 - 2004)

Former Chair of the Executive of Rochdale Liberal Democrats

Former Executive Member of Rochdale Racial Equality Council

Some Success Stories

As Rochdale's First Citizen last year, I was responsible for the idea and implementation of Junior Mayors - making citizenship and civic responsibility important to the young people of the Borough. This has been acclaimed nationally and dozens of cities and towns across Britain are following Rochdale's lead.

The "P" streets in Deeplish - The traffic chaos on Penrith, Pike, Pomona and Pullman Street will finally be resolved. Working with my colleagues, Councillors Mohammad Sharif and Paul Rowen MP, I am delighted that money has been found to alleviate the residents parking problems on these streets.

New Barn Lane Access to Manchester Road - As a local Councillor with first hand knowledge of the area, I was able to avert what would have been a catastrophe for the residents of Merefield and the Long Hill estate. During the recent consultations with the Highways Department regarding the Manchester Road changes, Officers were recommending that no traffic be allowed to turn left out of New Barn Lane on to Manchester Road. My recognition of the obvious problems led to Officers scrapping this idea. Local knowledge also led me to point out to Officers other various omissions in their original plans for the area.

Working alongside Councillor Paul Rowen, I was instrumental in fighting for the pelican crossing on Roch Valley Way.

Traffic Calming in Deeplish - residents are delighted that speed humps have recently been added to their streets.

More rubbish bins in the Milkstone and Deeplish area

Active in Other Previous campaigns

Involved in the Ding Quarry Campaign.

Supported the campaign to keep Brimrod Nursery open

Original hospital campaign with Liz Lynne to keep Rochdale Infirmary. I now work in the Pennine Acute NHS Trust and as such have had to declare an interest. However, I do back the fight led by Friends of our Hospital, Paul Rowen MP and others and believe me, I have taken a full and frank part in the consultations.

Supported Norman Smith MBE in the fight to stop closures of Council Care Homes.

Other Points of Interest

I have always had a special interest in the care of the elderly - as a carer I have had first hand experience of the vulnerability of some of our senior citizens. This particular generation of men and women, who went through so much, fought and won the right to maintain our liberty, are now in their twilight years. They should be afforded the diginity, care and respect they so richly deserve and the right to a decent pension.

I also believe that we need more provison for our younger citizens. We should encourage and support them - they are our future.

What I would really like to see for Milkstone and Deeplish and across Rochdale

More investment in Environmental Services - cleaner streets / better recycling / better upkeep of our cemeteries

Most especially - bring back the sweeping brush - a lot of areas are being left unswept because the little sweeper vans can't get round parked cars. In addition the guys with what I call the "apple pickers" can't pick up every piece of rubbish. Is it my female logic that makes me think why can't we have teams of two sweeping up everything from the pavements and gutters and then collecting it at the other end of the street? Surely this would be more economical, not to mention more efficient and faster in the long run. By the way why haven't we got women doing this job?!!

Better enforcement of zero tolerance on street drinking

Better enforcement of drugs/prostitute problems

I appear to have got a bit carried away! If you have worked your way through all of this - then thank you for taking the time!