Christine Akram - Smallbridge and Firgrove

April 21, 2006 1:19 AM

I have been selected to stand in local elections in Smallbridge and Firgrove. Local Residents will not be surprised - as I have been working for many months for our area.

I have a proven track record as an outspoken community champion of the people and was a councillor for the old 'Newbold Ward' - which forms part of Smallbridge and Firgrove. I will be an excellent, hardworking addition to the local team - which comprises of leading Rochdale Councillor, Jean Ashworth, and her colleague Councillor Brenda Kerslake.

I am an outstanding community campaigner who will represent all of our community. I am also a long standing colleage of local MP - Paul Rowen.

There are many issues that need looking at in Smallbridge and Firgrove. These include problems with anti-social behaviour, public transport, lack of investment in council housing and much more. The Liberal Democrats have proved consistently, through their community campaigning, that they are best placed to tackle these problems.

I joined the campaign to save Alice Ingham RC Primary School - the school is threatened by the Labour dominated Local Education Authority. We need to fight tooth and nail to support this school: I believe that schools are the cornerstone of any community. This is no different in Smallbridge and Firgrove, closing Alice Ingham will effectively end choice for many residents in my area.

I have also joined Councillors Jean Ashworth, Brenda Kerslake and Paul Rowen MP in saying, that surely they cannot now cut Maternity, Child Care and Accident and Emergency Services at Rochdale Infirmary. After 30,000 petitions were delivered to Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at 10, Downing Street, surely the Prime Minister must now act. He tells us of a record investment in the NHS - well it certainly is not reaching Rochdale. This is the reality.

If elected, I will work closely with my colleagues and tirelessly work to be accessible to all constituents in Smallbridge and Firgrove.