Mark Brady - East Middleton

April 21, 2006 1:25 AM

Age 43, married, three children. I live in Arden Avenue, and was born and bred in Middleton. Like my children I have attended Middleton schools. I am an Engineer and have a Master of Science degree in Opto Electronics.

I want more police on the street. The millions of pounds being spent on plastic identity cards should instead be spent on more police constables. Liberal Democrats want police not plastic.

Middleton seems to have become the speed-hump capital of Europe. The type of humps being used on most roads are slowing ambulances, fire engines and buses. There are better options. If elected, I will campaign for those better variations.

In line with the Liberal Democrat local manifesto, I will be campaigning for more independence for Middleton with much less control from Rochdale. I will support local decisions by local people. Home Rule for Middleton!