Peter Rush - Heywood North

April 21, 2006 1:30 AM

Having lived in Heywood for the past 43 years and being in business here running the Albany Hotel, I feel that I know the people of Heywood as they know me and would like to represent them as their councillor, putting Heywood first.

It's time to reverse the "poor relation of Rochdale" feeling.

In my youth I played Rugby League and went on to become chairman of Rochdale Hornets. I was also a physical training instructor and coach at Heywood Sports Centre for 10 years. I'm a past president of Heywood Rotary and was chairman of Heywood Traders' Association.

If elected, I would like Heywood to have it's independence from Rochdale because I think people deserve better and should choose how decisions which affect their lives are made. I have worked solidly for the past 18 months in Heywood, leading the campaign against Over-Development in Heywood. The past months have been a real eye-opener for me. I have visited literally hundreds of residents sick and tired of a lazy, complacent, Rochdale-obsessed Labour/Tory Council. I have received a wonderful reception from residents - almost all of them I have known for years. I have reported broken street lights, numerous pot-holes, graffiti, traffic congestion and started really standing up for local people on a whole raft

of issues. People in Heywood are starting to feel valued again and that gives me great encouragement.

If elected, I will hold weekly advice surgeries and keep in regular touch through my popular Focus Newsletters and we will be looking to keep in touch via a new web site. One thing is for sure, a Liberal Democrat Voice on the Council for Heywood will mean a change from decisions made by a Heywood Council Group made up entirely of Labour Lap-Dogs - continually following the Rochdale Labour line.

This Election is between Peter Rush and Labour - The Conservatives cannot, nor deserve to win in Heywood. A Vote for the Conservatives in Heywood is a vote for Labour - make no mistake.

A vote for me is a vote for Heywood.