Rochdale MP says NO to Nuclear Power

May 24, 2006 10:57 AM

Rochdale MP and former Scientist, Paul Rowen, has attacked the Government's attempts to return to nuclear power. Paul has signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) saying to the Government that 'the case for new nuclear build in the UK has not been made.'

Paul said, "I am afraid I cannot go along with the Prime Minister's obvious support for a new generation of nuclear power stations. The Government have not even published the Government's Energy Review. It seems though that they have already made up their mind to support new nuclear power stations, this as far as I am concerned is not right. I hope that as many MP's as possible take my stance, sign the Early Day Motion and send a clear message to the Government that we will not be railroaded into such a vital decision that could affect future generations.

"I think the Government should look into the clear alternatives - such as wind, solar and tidal power. It is quite clear that nuclear power should have no role in the future energy supply in this country - there is absolutely no solution yet to nuclear waste and the Government have not even made the economic case for these plants. If the Government have their way then these stations will cost a fortune - this money should be invested in renewable energy, at the moment only 4% of energy consumption comes from renewable sources this is simply unacceptable."

Paul has also accused the Government of failing to hit their own targets. He said, "People in Rochdale tell me that when it comes to the environment they are sick of Government spin. In the last Parliament the Government ruled out more Nuclear Plants and expanded the target for wind power usage to 10%. They have forgotten these pledges, but we won't let them use their failure to hit targets as an excuse for the dangerous expansion of nuclear power."