Lib Dems back consultation in Heywood!

September 26, 2006 12:00 AM
Councillor Peter Rush with campaigner Doreen Brophy-Lee delighted over the consultation.

Councillor Peter Rush with campaigner Doreen Brophy-Lee delighted over the consultation.

At a meeting to discuss six form provision in the Rochdale Borough, Rochdale MP - Paul Rowen agreed to take 2 interventions from representatives from Heywood Community School. They were concerned about the future of their school following a recent report to Rochdale's Cabinet.

Paul Rowen MP said, "This was a positive meeting that was the first stage of consultation on future of six form provision in the Rochdale Borough. It was not a meeting to discuss the future of secondary provision in Heywood. I did however allow on 2 occasions representatives from Heywood Community School to speak, I am not one to curtail free speech."

Lib Dem Portfolio Holder for Children, Schools and Families - Councillor David Clayton have pledged to 'consult all the way' over plans over the future of education in Heywood.

Cllr. Clayton said, "We have said from the very start that clear consultation with local residents and councillors is needed on any significant changes. This is in keeping with the Liberal Democrat Policy on devolving power to the Townships. It is quite clear though that the current situation needs to change - Heywood cannot have 3 schools that all have falling rolls. Heywood Township should play a leading role in this, and I am asking them to look at plans in conjunction with all schools, stakeholders and parents and come up with a workable plan - Heywood has shown before that it can do it with the amalgamation of 3 Primary Schools. It has not been agreed to remove Heywood Community School's name from the consultations but if Heywood Labour Party want to recommend any other proposals they are welcome to. The Cabinet agreed at its meeting on 18th September that it should be named, but only as a proposal and as a basis for consultation. I must make it clear though - no change is not an option if we want to dramatically improve secondary provision in Heywood and make sure that Heywood gets the kind of facilities and education they deserve."

At the moment we are consulting, no decision has been made but the Heywood Township, Heywood pupils, Heywood Teachers, Heywood Governors and anyone else who will be affected by school closures will get their say."

Heywood Councillor - Peter Rush said, "I welcome the consultation and will play a leading role through my position on the Heywood Township. Falling roles in Heywood have been an issue that the former Education Boss - Colin Lambert has failed to address in all his time in the job. It is important to put Heywood first and I hope that a decision is made that benefits children in Heywood for generations to come."