Last chance to make a difference for Rochdale!

September 28, 2006 12:00 AM
The Big Ask!

The Big Ask!

Climate Change will be the topic of discussion on Saturday, when Rochdale's first Climate Change Conference comes to Town. Taking place at Richmond Hall from 10am till 3pm, this will be a chance to discuss how Rochdale can do their bit to half Climate Change. There are still a few places left, and the organisers have drafted extra chairs in for anyone turning up on the day.

Guest Speakers include Frank Kennedy, Regional Campaign Director for Friends of the Earth, Dr Vince Cable MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Chris Davies MEP, Lib Dem Spokesperson and the only British MEP on the European Climate Change Team, Jason Addy, Save Spodden Valley, Atifa Shah, Rochdale's Youth Member of Parliament and Rochdale Councillors Wera Hobhouse and Anne Metcalfe.

The event is the first one ever in Rochdale and it is hoped that this will lead to a greater knowledge of both individual and the council's environmental responsibilities. It is also hoped that a Rochdale Branch of Friends of the Earth can be set up.

Paul Rowen MP said, "We have had a great response but we still have room - we have some top speakers and it would be great to see as many people as possible. It will not be all speeches and we will be holding workshops and information sessions to raise people's awareness of some of the most crucial issues facing us. We are delighted to have a great range of interesting speakers and we would like to thank Friends of the Earth for help organising this event."

The programme is as follows:

10.00am - 10.30am - Registration and Coffee

10.30am-10.45am - Opening Remarks and address by Paul Rowen MP

10.45am - Atifa Shah - Rochdale's Youth Member of Parliament - Educating young people on Climate Change.

10.55pm - Workshops - (1) Renewable Energy - The Windfarm Debate (Facilitated by Councillor Anne Metcalfe, Conservative Spokesperson on the Environment on RMBC and Friends of Knowl Hill)

(2) 5 Things that individuals can do to combat Climate Change (facilitated by Jason Addy, Save Spodden Valley Group) (3) 5 Things that Rochdale Council can do to combate Climate Change (Facilitated by Ali Abbas - Friends of the Earth, Manchester)

11.30am - Speech by Frank Kennedy (Regional Campaign's Officer - Friends of the Earth) - Followed by Questions)

11.55pm - Results of Workshops - Councillor Anne Metcalfe, Jason Addy and Ali Abbas.

12.05pm - Break for Lunch / Tea, Coffee

12.30pm - The afternoon ahead - Paul Rowen MP

12.45PM - Speech - Councillor Wera Hobhouse - Rochdale Council, what are they doing now - What next?

1.00pm - Speech by Chris Davies MEP - Climate Change and Europe. Followed by Questions.

1.30pm - Speech by Jason Addy, Environmental Groups in Rochdale.

1.45pm - Ali Abbas - Why join Friends of the Earth?

2.00pm - Tea and Coffee

2.15pm - Keynote Speech by Dr Vince Cable - Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. The national perspective - Questions and Answers.

2.45pm - Conclusion from Paul Rowen MP.

3.00PM - End of Conference