'Stand up for Rochdale' says Rochdale's MP

October 10, 2006 12:00 AM
Councillor Jean Ashworth and the tean - FIGHTING FOR OUR HEALTH SERVICES!

Councillor Jean Ashworth and the tean - FIGHTING FOR OUR HEALTH SERVICES!

The eyes of the country will be on Rochdale tomorrow (Wednesday) - when the Town comes together to protest against cuts at Rochdale Infirmary. The lobby is aimed at letting Councillors know the strength of feeling in the Town and is designed to continue the awareness of the ongoing crisis at Rochdale Infirmary. The event is expected to attract widespread media attention and is seen as Rochdale fighting back. The protest, at Rochdale Town Hall is expected to be huge.

Paul Rowen MP said, "This is a night where the people of Rochdale can come together and register the fact that we have not given up the fight. I know that many Councillors have been involved in the fight to retain services at the Infirmary but I hope that by coming together we can show our support for staff at the Infirmary who have been treated disgracefully. A special Motion will then follow at the Council Meeting, proposed by myself and seconded by Leader of the Conservatives - Councillor Ashley Dearnley. I expect Labour to support the Motion and this should send a clear message that this campaign is above Party Politics. I hope that Councillors, seeing the Rochdale residents together will be persuaded to back the motion. The people of Rochdale, quite rightly expect their Council to get involved in the campaign. This is a good opportunity to show the residents of the Borough that we mean business. I want people to stand up for Rochdale and hope to meet as many people as possible."

People are encouraged to bring placards and banners to show their disgust at the actions of Health Bosses.

Councillor Jean Ashworth, a nurse at the Infirmary said, "This is an opportunity to air your feelings and send a clear message to the council that we will not tolerate the downgrading of our services at the Rochdale Infirmary. In your thousand's you have signed petitions, wrote letters and shown disgust in the proposed changes, I ask:

Have they really listened to your concerns and fears?

Can Oldham really cope with all of our emergencies in the Rochdale Borough and surrounding areas such as Whitworth, Bacup, Walsden and Todmorden, etc?

Do minutes really not matter in a life and death situation?

Will it really only take an extra 1.5minutes or 10 minutes at the most?

Is it true that no-one ever dies in the back of an ambulance?

How much stress/strain are they putting on our ambulance staff/paramedics?

"These and many more questions need to be answered.

"Throughout this consultation period it has been said that Rochdale has been the most difficult town to consult with. My reply has been that it is because we stand to lose the most of our healthcare services.

"Be there on Wednesday for your chance to ask every local Councillor if they oppose the downgrading of your A & E department to an Urgent Care Centre with the possibility to also downgrade Maternity & Children's services in December.

"They might have made the decision to downgrade our excellent Accident & Emergency Department, but we still have the right to challenge it!"