Labour must take blame for Darnhill closure!

October 21, 2006 12:00 AM
Councillor David Clayton - Slamming Labour... again!

Councillor David Clayton - Slamming Labour... again!

The Labour Party has been accused of misleading the people, after they complained about the closure of Darnhill Community Centre in Heywood.

Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families, Councillor David Clayton said,

"The fact is that Darnhill Community Centre has suffered years of under investment - the local Labour Party must take the blame for this. The centre is currently closed for Health and Safety reasons and the Community Centre users have been found alternative accommodation until we find a solution. We have inherited this problem and praise must be given to the Council for dealing with this. It is only right that this is looked at - appropriate to the needs of the Heywood People. I afraid it is going to take a while before we clear up the mess left by the Labour Party - We are committed to first class community facilities for Heywood and this is an issue that we are dealing with long term."