Talking Politics by Councillor Peter Davison

December 7, 2006 12:00 AM
Councillor Peter Davison - Walking for YOU!

Councillor Peter Davison - Walking for YOU!

In politics you get different types of people wanting to stand for Council. Some want to be Prime Minister; others spend much of their time in our beautiful Town Hall, whilst many got into politics simply to improve their area - that's where I fit in. I do my work on the streets of Castleton - walking the area whenever the weather permits which at present is not very often. This morning for instance on one of my trips round the Ward, I received 2 complaints that I have taken up - it's important to be accessible and I hope I am.

The other way I pick up work is through our popular, weekly advice surgeries. Keep an eye out in this paper for our times - we do 1 every week. I hugely enjoy the challenges and there are many ahead - but I will strive to do my best alongside Councillors Pat and Ted Flynn to continue to put Castleton first.

One of my main roles as a Councillor is being a Member of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive. This is an exciting time for Transport in Rochdale, following a long fight - Metrolink is a reality alongside the new Bus Station. The first part of the Metrolink fight has been won, but we must continue the battle to deliver Metrolink to Rochdale Town Centre. It is vital in terms of Regeneration and of course we need an integrated transport system and this will not be delivered unless the Metrolink goes through the heart of Rochdale. I can't help thinking that Transport Chiefs have got us over a barrel on this. We have bid for money via the Transport Innovation Fund, they tell us that it would help the bid to consider Congestion Charging. How can we even consider Congestion Charging without dramatically improving Public Transport? I will continue to work alongside Councillors Alan Brett and Ashley Duckworth with Paul Rowen MP to deliver a state of the art, integrated transport system that people deserve.

Talking of Transport, I am delighted to see many of over 60's taking advantage of their free bus pass. I will do the same when I reach 60 - but not for a good few years yet! Now that we have more people on Public Transport, we have got to improve its safety and access. I was delighted to speak up at a recent Transport Meeting for CCTV at Castleton Station and I have called for this to be prioritised and will report back on this. I was also pleased to see that there will now be better access for the disabled and elderly at Littleborough Station - I know my colleague Councillor Rosemary Jones has campaigned hard for this.