Bottled Water cuts sprung on local company!

February 1, 2007 5:58 PM

Leader of Rochdale Council - Councillor Alan Taylor has condemned Councillor Ashley Dearnley as 'an opportunist with no bottle' - and has expressed his surprise that Councillor Dearnley didn't even contact Wardle Spring Water, a company in Councillor Dearnley's Ward to tell them of his plans. The loss of contract would lead to job losses and Councillor Taylor said that 'was unacceptable.'

Councillor Taylor said, "I am aware that this Council needs to look seriously at reducing overheads. Any reduction needs to be done in consultation with anyone who will be affected. I was shocked to see Councillor Dearnley bringing this up without consultation with Wardle Spring Water. Only last year the Council signed a 3 year contract with the company and scrapping this contract will send the wrong message to Rochdale people, especially when you consider that the first Wardle Spring Water knew about their Ward Councillors plan was to read this in the paper. This is not the way this Council operates and quite rightly. Councillor Dearnley is experienced enough and needs to learn that coming out with opportunist sound bites affects people lives. Scrapping this Contract would lead to job losses and for Councillor Dearnley to say 'no-one would miss out if Councillors opted for the water cut' is inaccurate and he should apologise to Wardle Spring Water. To be photographed with a bottle of Buxton Spring Water is even more galling and I hope he can make amends with his local company. Lib Dem run Liverpool Council have recently been in the press doing the same thing, to just lift their story and apply it to Rochdale is wrong and opportunist at best."

Councillor Alan Taylor - getting his facts right!

Councillor Alan Taylor - getting his facts right!

Wardle Spring Water is a friendly family run business. Their parent company has been established over 50 years and aims to provide a very high standard of service to fit all their customers needs.

Purely Pennine Spring Water is bottled at source by the Wardle Spring Water Company in the pennine village of wardle. The water is extracted via a borehole from a naturally curing aquafier (underground cavern lake) which is situated deep underground in the Pennine Hills. The Water collected in this aquafier is continuously being filtered through sandstone rock, a natural process that has been occurring for hundreds of years. Through this filtration the water absorbs many natural minerals and trace elements.

Purely Pennine Spring Water is an extremely palatable and crystal clear drinking Water. Its natural mineral and trace element content make it a rich and natural supplement to the human dietary needs.

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