Heywood schools debate reopened!

February 1, 2007 6:19 PM
Councillor Peter Rush and Heywood Campaigner Doreen Brophy-Lee consulting on the future of education.

Councillor Peter Rush and Heywood Campaigner Doreen Brophy-Lee consulting on the future of education.

The future site of the new Joint Faith School in Heywood will now be up to the people of Heywood after the Council's Cabinet decided to remove any preference of the site. The amendment by Councillor Irene Davidson, the Portfolio Holder for Children, Schools and Families opened up the debate on where this school should be. The was a change from the original proposals which recommended that Heywood Community High School was the 'Council's preferred option for the school'

Councillor Irene Davidson said, "It is absolutely vital that any consultation on the future of the Joint Faith School is done with a level playing field and that means keeping an open mind on where this school should be located. The new school could now be on the St Joseph's Site, the Heywood Community High School Site or other suggestions that we will now look at. I have asked the Council to look into alternatives sites as well as looking at the existing sites and provide a report which will go to the Heywood Township for their view before going Cabinet for a decision."

Councillor Davidson continued, "We will now be working with the Local Education Authority, the Salford and Manchester Dioceses and other stakeholders looking for the best possible solution. It is clear now that it is up to the people of Heywood where the Holy Family RC and CE College, the first Joint Faith School in Greater Manchester will be."

Councillor Peter Rush, a Heywood North Councillor said, "I had concerns that by naming a preferred site the Council was short changing the people of Heywood. By removing this shackle we can now have a full a frank debate on the best site of the new school. I will not change from my opinion that it needs to be centrally located and welcome that the Council may look at alternative sites other than the 2 mentioned."

1.4 - DELETE ALL AND REPLACE WITH - Proposals to site the replacement school for the St Joseph's RC High School (Holy Family RC and CE College) on a site in Heywood and discuss admission arrangements to this new school. (The rest of the paper to fit in with these sentiments)