Fare hike a disgrace say transport bosses!

February 16, 2007 9:13 PM


Commenting on the hike in Concessionary Bus Fare from 50p to 70p;

Rochdale's Lib Dem Member on the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority - Councillor Peter Davison said,

"I am disgusted that we are having to do this - I feel the Bus Companies have us over a barrel and this really makes the case for more powers over private bus services who are already heavily subsidised. This will really affect people in Rochdale with bigger families and is a disgraceful indictment of the current situation. The GMPTA will now step up their campaign for more control of services and fares. If the Government had acted sooner we may of avoided having to do this but the fact remains the hardest hit will be the most vulnerable."

Paul Rowen MP, a Lib Dem Transport Spokesperson said, "I am shocked at this price hike at a time when people are being encouraged to use Public Transport. I find it intolerable that the hardest hit will be those who rely on our buses and will be raising this in Parliament as a matter of urgency."