Dobbin's plea - sign of Labour desperation!

February 23, 2007 10:18 AM
Councillor Peter Rush - fighting adainst Jim Dobbin's idea of a 'Banana Republic'

Councillor Peter Rush - fighting adainst Jim Dobbin's idea of a 'Banana Republic'

Heywood North Councillor Peter Rush has slammed Jim Dobbin MP for trying to interfere in the local elections. In his letter from Parliament this week, Mr Dobbin, MP for Heywood and Middleton says - "The position of Mayor means that the incumbent has an extremely busy programme for 12 months full of engagements. The convention in Parliament is that the Speaker is unopposed for re-selection and I feel strongly that this should apply to the Mayor in local election years. This would have to be an agreement across the political parties but it is worth consideration."

Councillor Rush, who gained his seat of Heywood North from Labour in 2006 said, "I'm sorry, but it's high time that Jim lived in the real world - this a sign of Labour desperation. I have every respect for the job that Councillor Hornby is doing as Mayor, in the same way I have respect for Councillors Ashley Dearnley and Angela Coric - her successful predecessors. It is the responsibility of the Mayor to do the best they can and Jean is certainly fulfilling that role. That said she was well aware of the fact that she has to stand for election this year but this election is not a mandate on her year as Mayor but on representing Heywood North. The Liberal Democrats have worked solidly to build on the huge vote that we were given by the voters of Heywood North last year. Councillor Hornby has to face facts - this is an election based on her since she came to Heywood in 2004 from Castleton where she lives."

Council Leader Alan Taylor said, "Yes, it's true that Heywood North is one of our top target seats. Our Prospective Candidate Doreen Brophy-Lee has worked extremely hard alongside Councillor Peter Rush and our growing local team in Heywood North. Since being elected, the local party have kept local residents informed on vital issues such as crime, anti-social behaviour, the situation at Fairfield Hospital and Home-rule for Heywood and many other vital Heywood issues. I totally reject Mr Dobbin's remarks and he knows himself that this will never happen and we will continue our positive campaign to improve Heywood. He is playing pure politics - this is not a referendum on the position of Mayor. This is a referendum on who is best placed to represent all of Heywood and it is my firm belief, based on 3 years of huge activity and results that this is the Liberal Democrats."