Letter to Manchester Evening News by Councillor William Hobhouse

April 6, 2007 3:16 PM
Councillor William Hobhouse highlighting hypocrisy!

Councillor William Hobhouse highlighting hypocrisy!


With regards to the letter by Councillor David Hibbert (MEN 03.04.07) - I can't help noticing his hypocrisy with regards to the vote in the House of Commons on the creation of a Supercasino in Manchester. What he fails to tell us is that 83 Labour MP's voted AGAINST the Supercasino in Manchester and the the smaller ones across the country. This figure would have been much higher had it not been for a series of 'Busman's Holidays', swiftly organised by Labour Whips. Many MP's who had earlier signed an Early Day Motion were mysteriously 'away on foreign business'. Strange considering the 2 week Easter holiday they were about to embark on! These are the very MP's who constantly criticise parents for taking their children out of school during term-time. Maybe there should be a concerted look into 'Parliamentary Truancy.' If 'rebel' Labour MP's didn't were not out of the country they were treated to severe pressure not to vote against it. At least one Greater Manchester Labour MP admitted to abstaining because of the said pressure.

Maybe we shouldn't be overly surprised at this hypocrisy after all it is Election Time. To complain that the Liberal Democrats 'Cannot be trusted to behave in the best interests of Greater Manchester' is a bit rich coming from a Senior Member of the Labour Party. Don't forget this is the very same Labour Party who refuse to tell us where they want to implement Congestion Charging until the votes are safely counted.

Labour in Oldham are also showing breathtaking hypocrisy over many other issues. Let me give you one example - the Lyon's Report, released be lately and 'buried' on Budget Day. Phil Woolas, an Oldham MP and Minister for Local Communities states that the problem with Council Tax is not the system but local authorities continually raising it by huge amounts. He says this at the same time that his own Labour Council, of which Councillor Hibbert is a member raises it by 4.9% - the highest in Greater Manchester. In Oldham - a Band D Property is clearly the highest in Greater Manchester - Council Tax now rising to £1,477.

So please, Councillor Hibbert please tell the full story. Just like in Rochdale, Oldham and many parts of Greater Manchester - Labour are on the run. On the run from years of mistakes, years of hypocrisy and no amount of spin will hide that.

Councillor William Hobhouse

Liberal Democrat Cabinet Member for Finance

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council