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Rochdale Liberal Democrats

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Councillor Alan Taylor's Annual Review.

April 9, 2007 11:26 PM

Well, what a year it has been on the Council. This time last year the Liberal Democrats made a number of promises to YOU, the Council Tax Payer and we have kept each and every one of them. This includes keeping your Council Tax as low as possible - we have certainly achieved that with a rise just 4%, the lowest for a decade. We have also shown our faith in localised decision making and devolved as much power as possible to the Heywood, Middleton, Pennines and Rochdale Townships. These Townships now have more power than the old Town Councils that Labour abolished in 1974.


The Liberal Democrats have also led to the Opposition to the Labour Government's health cuts. These include campaigns to save vital services like Maternity, Child Care and Accident and Emergency Services at Fairfield Hospital, North Manchester General and the now famous campaign to save our services at Rochdale Infirmary, led admirably by Paul Rowen MP and groups like the Friends of our Hospital.

Crime and Disorder!

The Liberal Democrats have shown themselves as real custodians of Rochdale and have led the fight against the rise in crime and the fall in frontline officers with full powers of arrest. We have led the fight against anti-social behaviour , off road bikes and the fight for longer opening hours at our Police Stations.


The Liberal Democrats have led attempts to improve Public Transport including more control over buses, the need to dramatically improve Public Transport and other key tests before any introduction of Congestion Charging.


Rochdale Council is now cleaner than it ever has been - that is due to this Council prioritising our environment. We are facing a Council Tax time bomb due to Labour's failure to hit recycling targets for decades - it is only the Liberal Democrats who are tackling this head on.

And Finally...

I am proud to welcome more and more members in Heywood, Middleton, The Pennines and Rochdale onto our growing team. This May you will have a clear choice - Vote for Labour and the Tories who have taken you for granted, especially with their continuing apparent coalition or vote for the Liberal Democrats who work hard all year round and more importantly keep their promises to YOU, the people of our Borough!