Talking Politics by Councillor Zulfiqar Ali - An affront to democracy!

April 17, 2007 12:37 AM

The campaign is going very well, we've just come back from yet another days canvassing. I have been inundated with messages of thanks because the Liberal Democrats have delivered FREE RESIDENT'S PARKING for residents who live near the Infirmary. As a Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion and Housing I have played a big part in this, alongside my mentor - Councillor Khalid Mahood. We have kept a clear promise to the people of Central Rochdale and delivered this FREE, unlike Labour who wanted to charge £50. Residents are quite rightly pleased - why should people have to pay to park outside their houses.

I've had sight of a poorly produced Labour Leaflet in our area - The Headline is "Lib Dems axe home helps" - They are saying the same in other areas in the Borough. It is simply NOT TRUE. They talk of vandalism and cleaning up our area - yet have had a Councillor for a year. Every picture with graffiti, dumped rubbish etc. is an admittance of their own failures. The good news for us is that Allen Brett is the agent - not exactly a good track record in winning seats. I have been monitoring the Councillors activity of the last year and he has failed.

We will continue to work hard for the residents of Rochdale.