Lib Dems commit to town centre music/arts centre!

April 19, 2007 1:08 AM
Councillor Dale Mulgrew - Pushing for better arts!

Councillor Dale Mulgrew - Pushing for better arts!

Rochdale Liberal Democrats have committed to prioritising a new first class arts venue in the centre of Rochdale. Talks have been ongoing for several months about a suitable venue, it is believed that a site close to the Town Hall has been identified.

Leader of Rochdale Council - Councillor Alan Taylor said, "We have had numerous discussions with interested parties over the last few months. Indeed, since being elected to the Council last year Councillor Dale Mulgrew has spoken of little else. That is one of the reasons that we made him an Assistant Cabinet Member, representing matters relevant to the Leisure Trust. This is not something that will go away and people are quite right that this is the time to grasp the nettle. I can assure visitors to Rochdale Online that we have some hugely exciting plans and I am sure you will be delighted when we are position to reveal them. Dale has done an excellent job, unpaid and really moved these discussions to a new level."

Councillor Dale Mulgrew said, "A venue for the arts is something that is forefront in our minds. Indeed since my article was published I have many messages of support from Rochdale and beyond. Rochdale has a variety of performers and it shameful that we can't provide them with a decent venue to showcase such talents. Malcolm Journeaux is one of many people to quite rightly flag this and I want people to know that we are committed to this in our vision of a regenerated Town Centre that we can all be proud of."

Rochdale's MP Paul Rowen has also backed the call saying, "I remember visiting a Band's Night at the Broadfield Hotel featuring Unsigned Bands from our Town including Crimson Scarlet and Urban Blue. It is clear that we have an opportunity not afforded to us for the last 20 years or so. I fully back these discussions and will do everything possible in my role as an MP to make this a reality."