Congestion Charging debate illustrates Labour's broken promises!

April 22, 2007 2:54 PM

Leader of Rochdale Council - Councillor Alan Taylor has repeated his support for the Metrolink to come into the heart of Rochdale - whether or not the Transport Innovation Fund bid is successful. The last week has seen huge controversy with 3 Councils including Rochdale withdrawing support on Congestion Charging.

Alan said, "We have withdrawn our support for congestion charging but not withdrawn our support for transport improvements in Rochdale including more control over our bus services, more trains into the Borough and everything else. If we don't get this money - the blame will be squarely at the feet of Labour's Transport Bosses. They have, quite frankly made a pig's ear of this whole debate. We have a strong case for improvements to public transport across Greater Manchester but by not giving us the details of the Congestion Charge bit of the bid they will almost certainly fail the 4 key tests including public and business support."

Councillor Taylor spoke of surprise about the "potential" break up of AGMA - He said, "I have worked well on a number of issues with AGMA - AGMA is about more than just congestion charging - Councillor Jones will not know this as he is not a member. We are committed to AGMA and for him to suggest that this could split it is quite frankly ridiculous. i hope that Labour AGMA members and Labour transport bosses learn a valuable lesson from this - that you can't consult on thin air."