Opposition - Good for Heywood!

April 22, 2007 3:05 PM

Another good night's canvassing, the longer we go the more happy I am that our all year round work has been worth it. Why do people become Councillors? That is a question that I'd like to pose.

I'll give you my reasons - I had many happy years as the owner of the Albany Hotel - these years were hugely rewarding - where my family all contributed to the success in building a successful business that is still thriving in Heywood. I simply wanted to give something back and I am delighted to be doing so. Hours a long! Knees are playing up but the rewards are immense. Rewards you ask? I still get a buzz when people call and say - "Rushie - It's sorted, I can't thank you and your team enough!"

That has happened on numerous occasions - My big ambition for Heywood was to see power returning to Heywood. I am delighted that this has been achieved in our first year on the Council - ACTION... NOT WORDS! I want to go further and support even more power being devolved. That is why our Township needs more opposition - Opposition keeps the majority party on their toes. Opposition holds them to account and makes sure that we are delivering for Heywood.

Doreen Brophy-Lee continues to work hard as she has done over the last year. I am sure that her hard work will be rewarded with more opposition for the complacent Labour Councillors in Heywood who have had it too easy for too long.