Lib Dems announce new Cabinet

May 8, 2007 5:08 PM

Following the Liberal Democrats taking full control of Rochdale Council in the local elections, the elected Liberal Democrat Councillors have chosen the Cabinet members to "lead the Rochdale Borough forward in the next year".

At what Leader of the Council, Councillor Alan Taylor described as "one of the best Liberal Democrat group meetings I have attended", all 32 Liberal Democrat Councillors were given the opportunity to select the ten Cabinet Members who will be responsible for delivering the priorities set out in their 2007 Election Manifesto.

Councillors Angela Coric and David Clayton, who were Cabinet Members last year, had indicated, before the local election, that they no longer wished to be considered for a Cabinet position. The other eight Councillors who had previously been Members of the Cabinet all said they were "looking forward to continuing the programme of improvements in Council Services they had set in train last year", and put themselves up for re-election.

The 2 new members are Councillor Pauline Maguire who represents Littleborough Lakeside and will be taking on the Older People Portfolio and Councillor Dale Mulgrew who will be taking on the responsibility for Health and Social Care.

Selection was made democratically by all 32 Liberal Democrat Councillors using the exhaustive system of Single Transferable Voting.

Leader of the Council Cllr Alan Taylor

Deputy Leader &

Children, Schools and Families Cllr Irene Davidson

Townships & Corporate Management Cllr Keith Swift

Community Safety & Leisure Cllr Ted Flynn

Finance Cllr William Hobhouse

Environment & Sustainability Cllr Wera Hobhouse

Older People Cllr Pauline Maguire

Regeneration Cllr Mohammad Sharif

Community Cohesion & Housing Cllr Zulfiqar Ali

Health & Social Care Cllr Dale Mulgrew