One Week in my life !

May 15, 2007 9:39 PM

Monday - catch up for letters and casework. Tuesday- work 7.30- 4.30 then meeting at 6.30pm. Wednesday work 7.30- 4.45 then meeting at 6pm. Thursday work 7.30 -3pm home to get changed for meeting at Town Hall 4pm for Childrens Services Committee, then meeting with the IRP (Independant review Panel) with the Friends of Our Hospital which I am a member. It goes on....

This was an excellent meeting and gave the group an opportunity to raise many concerns regarding the downgrading of our services at the Infirmary which All the members did and for the first time ever felt that we had been listened to !

Many issues were raised from the members present

Father Nearey, Cllr Ashley Dearnley, Cllr Jane Gartside, Vera Hirst, Angela Slater. Carole Ashworth- Lord, Jennifer Fletcher, Diane Bowes, Ann Duckworth and myself.

Apologies from MP Paul Rowen although he has already met with them on two occasions & Herrman Yungmir.

The meeting lasted just over a couple of hours and together we covered lots of issues including transport and facts and figures. These meetings are tape recorded to ensure what is said is accurate and will be available for everyone at the end of the panels final decision on their website.I would urge any group or individual to contact them before the 10th June as they are presenting their findings to the Health Secretary on the 25th June .

Their aims are looking at Strategies, Accessibility and Safety.

Friday - work 7.30-4.30 food- shopping 6.30 pick grandson up at 7.45 as he stays with us every weekend.

Saturday- Surgery 11 - 12 Smallbridge then visit to Wardle Community centre to see the fantastic display by the Historic Society. Saturday evening to Rochdale Online to hear the launch of Crimson Scarlet which was excellent really well done to them it was the best I had heard them . to finish the night a few of us went into Rochdale and danced until the early hours!!

Sunday - I woke up feeling a little bit tender after such a long evening and a few drinks to many ? This afternoon I went back to Wardle Community centre with my Husband and grandson to see once again the fantastic Historic display as I didn't get chance to see everything yesterday , what a shame this collection can't be available for all to see all year round and how sad that Mr Arnold Wade died last Tuesday at the age of 84 years what an amazing man he was.

He has left a wonderful legacy for Smallbridge and Wardle with his fantastic models of Watergrove and Smallbridge along with many more , The details are magnificent, I so do wish this society could have their many treasures on display permanently as our schools in the whole of the borough would truly benefit.

Nearly time to take our grandson back home I should be back for 9pm and an early night I think as it is work tomorrow and a busy week for meetings , plus our Grandson is having an operation on Thursday so I have booked a day of work to be with him and his mum !