Exit Strategy! by Councillor Nail Mahmud.

May 28, 2007 5:11 AM

The last few weeks have been historic for our country - a time when the worst kept secret in the country finally came true. The time Tony Blair delivered his "exit strategy" If only he'd announce it for the troops in Iraq before he went too.

This is a vital time for the Labour Party - Gordon Brown is going to be Blair's successor. It's a bit like Steve McClaren taking over from Sven - he has a honeymoon period and it all comes crashing down after a while when the same old problems persist. I am expecting Gordon Brown to come to Rochdale - as he is touring the "marginals" - I hope he comes to Kingsway - we will be telling him what the Labour Government are trying to do to Rochdale Infirmary, about the police cuts and more.

So there's my invitation!