MP welcomes former Youth Member of Parliament

September 7, 2007 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen has welcomed Rochdale Liberal Democrat's newest recruit, former Rochdale UK Youth Member of Parliament Atifa Shah. Ms Shah, 20 is currently studying management and computing at Manchester University and has worked with Mr Rowen and other MP's during her time as the Youth Member of Parliament on a number of issues including the campaign for new six form college in Rochdale.

Ms Shah said: "Representing our Borough in the UK Youth Parliament was a great privilege and I got to meet many famous political figures including Tony Blair, Sir Menzies Campbell MP and Vince Cable MP. I enjoyed working with Paul Rowen and it is clear that people value his hard work for the people of Rochdale of all ages. I have chosen the Liberal Democrats because locally they have fought for a new six form college, against the hospital cuts and other key issues."

Ms Shah has just returned from a two-week intensive leadership course at Oxford University. She has also set up a Young Muslim's Advisory Panel, to give young Muslims a platform to have their say on local issues and problems affecting them.

Mr Rowen said: "I am delighted to welcome Atifa onto our growing team. She was a credit to our Borough during her stint as Youth Member of Parliament. I have no doubt that she will play a leading role in our party in the future. This is just the type of person we need to attract into politics. It wouldn't surprise me if she was eyeing up my job in a few years time! The fact that we are attracting people of Atifa's calibre can only be good for us. She is one of many young people who have joined our party of late. That is great for the future of the Liberal Democrats in Rochdale."