Rochdale Leader reaffirms TIF bid support

December 13, 2007 12:00 AM

Leader of Rochdale Council Alan Taylor backs TIF bidLeader of Rochdale Council, Councillor Alan Taylor has criticised the decision of Bury Council to remove their support for the Transport Innovation Fund bid. Councillor Taylor has reaffirmed Rochdale Council's support for the potential £1200 million in transport improvements for Greater Manchester. Rochdale Council is now the only non Labour Council to support the bid in Greater Manchester.

Councillor Taylor said: "This is a huge opportunity for the whole of Greater Manchester. The TIF Bid will bring in huge investment for our trams, trains and buses. The timing of Bury Council's decision smacks of opportunism. Responsible civic leadership is about making tough, but important decisions that improve people's lives. That is what the TIF Bid is all about. The Conservatives and the Lib Dems in Bury are opportunistic to say the least and selfish.

"I have come under enormous pressure in Rochdale from the Labour Party to withdraw our support for the TIF Bid. This is despite the fact that their leader is the Vice Chair of the GMPTE, Allen Brett. Despite this provocation we remain convinced of the overall benefits that the TIF Bid will bring to Rochdale and the whole of Greater Manchester. It's time to leave politics behind and unite behind this bid."