MP will vote for 1.9 per cent pay rise

January 17, 2008 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen will next week vote for a below-inflation pay rise - despite an independent body last night recommending a larger salary hike.

The Government rejected recommendations for a backdated above-inflation pay rise of 2.56 per cent but instead suggested the rise should be kept down to 1.9 per cent - in line with other public sector pay settlements.

MPs will have a free vote on whether to agree the Government deal, which would leave them with a salary of £61,820 - up from £60,277 last year and their current £60,675.

All three main parties are backing the lower figure amid controversy over pay for teachers and police officers.

Rochdale Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen says he does not support the above inflation increase for MPs.

He said: "I do not support what Gordon Brown is doing to public sector pay but I cannot vote to increase my salary when other public sector workers, many of them less well paid than myself, are getting similar settlements."