You Tube shame removed after MPs intervention!

January 22, 2008 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen has slammed thugs who brought 'shame' to our town in Saturday's violence. Mr Rowen who witnessed some of the incidents said: "Having witnessed many of the problems myself, I have nothing but praise for the way that our police handled the situation. An extremely dangerous situation was handled with the professionalism I expect from our force. I shall be writing to the Chief Constable making these points and praising our local officers."

Mr Rowen had nothing but scorn though for the offenders saying: "I am disgusted at the antics at these so-called 'football fans'. I am aware that this was pre-organised on the internet and I hope the police can keep an eye on these disturbing trends. The fact that football hooliganism has touched our town is disgraceful. I am even more disgusted at the fact that footage has appeared on You Tube. I have forwarded the links to the police and the club and hope that an investigation in conjunction with GMP and West Yorkshire Police can identify the thugs who have caused such anxiety for residents of our town and we can take firm action. If anyone from Rochdale was involved and we can identify them, then they should be banned from the ground for life!

"I have had concerns with sites like You Tube for some time. I am pleased that following my request You Tube has taken down the offensive postings - footage that does nothing but shame our town. The police have captured the images on their hitech crime unit and CCTV footage was also recorded on the day from police spotters. I hope that this footage will bring those offenders to justice."