Rowen encourages Women's Land Army veterans

January 29, 2008 12:00 AM

Paul Rowen MP is encouraging all female war veterans to apply for a special badge that recognises their hard work.

The badge will acknowledge those surviving members of the Women's Land Army and Women's Timber Corps who worked on the Home Front to provide food and timber for the nation during World War I and II.

Mr Rowen said: "Last year we had an overwhelming interest for the Veterans badge that all ex-servicemen can wear with pride. I am very pleased that the Environment Secretary, Hilary Benn MP, is now going to recognise the hard work of Land Girls and the Timber Corps. These women played a very important role during the two World Wars.

"I hope that as many female veterans from Rochdale as possible apply for the badge. Their courage, spirit and selflessness is a model for all generations, and we all owe them a good deal of gratitude.

"Last year I was very priviledged to be able to invite to the House of Commons a group of ladies, led by Doris Huntback, who had served our country in various ways, including in the Land Army. They are a very special group of ladies, and they do Rochdale proud!"

If you, or someone you know, would like to apply for a Women's Land Army and Women's Timber Corps badge, please contact Paul Rowen MP's office on 01706 712186, or write to: Paul Rowen MP, 142A Drake St, Rochdale OL16 1PS.