Councillor Flynn defends appropriate use of mosquito devices

February 13, 2008 12:00 AM

Rochdale Council Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor Ted Flynn has defended the use of 'mosquito devices' as part of this Borough's fight against youth nuisance. This was following criticism of the scheme by members of the youth council.

Councillor Flynn said: "This Council's top priority is the fight against anti-social behaviour and crime. Whilst we appreciate that young people have rights we must take into consideration the rights of everyone to have a safe and peaceful existence without youth nuisance. These devices have proved useful in dispersing youths causing annoyance in many areas throughout the Borough.

We will continue to use this in a responsible manner. It is important to note however that it is only a minority of young people causing problems. Any law abiding citizen will simply have no reason to hang around in the hotspots that these devices are deployed. They are in areas that suffer most of the scourge of youth nuisance."

John Johnson, Rochdale Council's Safer Communities Manager said: "We feel totally justified in deploying mosquito devices in the Borough of Rochdale to give the community respite in cases of acute anti-social behaviour and youth nuisance. We deploy the devices when there are large groups of young people making life a problem for residents and businesses, as we are very keen not to let problems of anti-social behaviour escalate.

"We have checked with the company that supplies the mosquito that the devices meet health and safety standards and we have sought legal advice on the deployment. We work to get the balance right between responding to the needs of residents and businesses and the young people causing the problems. We currently have eight mosquito devices in the Borough of Rochdale and the majority are located in shopping precincts and parades. We have also got a device on a Community Centre and in the entrances to some flats in a Housing estate in Rochdale."